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Command Techniques
If she has any, I don't know about ‘em...
Special Attacks
ShikiGami Tenku: QCF+P
Akari summons an energy creature to fly at her opponent. Basic projectile and is blockable in the air now.
Tenmon Hoshi no Meguri: D, U+K
Akari spins into the air with blue energy surrounding her. Can be followed by...
Tenmon Kakageshi Tenshin: D,U+WP during a Tenmon Hoshi no Meguri.
Akari spins her staff upward shocking her opponent.
Tenmon Tenzuru Hokuto: D,U+HK during a Tenmon Hoshi no Meguri
Akari raises a hand with electricity surrounding it. Knocks the opponent away.
Gaiki DorotaBou: DP+any
Akari vanishes into the ground (it looks like she trips and falls into a "portable hole") and a giant demon head appears and spits her at the ground, but aimed more or less at her opponent. She no longer has her follow ups as I think she has too many moves already. LP=in front, HP=in back, and Kick=above.
Gaiki KiyoHime: HCB+P
Akari stabs her staff into the ground and if her opponent is close enough, a huge bell falls on him, crushing him for fire damage.
Kawari HitoGata: HCB+K
Akari falls asleep with a bubble of snot coming out of her nose in typical anime style. If she is struck by a physical attack at this time, she vanishes and reappears over her opponent, stomping on him.
Super Moves
Koumyou Gojuugo: Reifu Anchuu Mosaku: Akari leans forward and attempts to slap a paper talisman on her opponent. If it works, that character can no longer do Special Attacks or Supers for a limited time, depending on the level. This is the perfect time to become Paper Doll Akari, if that is your intention.
ShikiGami Rikugou: QCB, HCF+P
Akari throws a paper talisman at her opponents feet. This must be blocked low. If the attack hits, a giant caterpillar (?) attacks the opponent with Akari riding it. In the end, she jumps off and the opponent gets caught up in a pillar of energy.
ShikiGami HyakkiYakou: HCB,F+K
Akiri spins her staff upwards. If she connects, the screen goes dark and a HUGE parade of ghostly Japanese Warriors trample both Akari and her opponent (though the opponent is the only one to take damage.) This is the ideal attack to hit with as it is her most powerful one. It's easier to hit with her ShikiGAmi Rikugou, though.
Power-Up Mode: Paper Doll Akari
Effect: Akari drops a paper talisman at her feet and becomes a mirror image of her opponent. She now has all of that character's basics, Command Techniques, and Special Moves, but not any of their Supers.
Downfall: Not having any Supers is kinda tough when you otherwise play EXACTLY as your opponent. Also, if done on a Boss fight, Akari turns into a random playable character, so it's a risky proposition.